Monthly Archives: October 2014


I was gathering bits and pieces of my day as if they were flowers and I couldn’t wait for you to hear them.

I think, one day, when all of my feelings are tired if being felt, we can talk about it over beer. Drinks on me.



F*ck. I miss all of you.


I thought I would be happy by now.


People might surprise you sometimes.

Someday, someday.


Eternal tea time of the soul


I’ve thought about what I want to do in my life today. There were a lot of things I wanted to do: be a life coach, help out a charity or a cause, be a consultant, teach college kids, be a writer (probably create a TV show), marry the love of my life, go surfing, be an interior designer, be a corporate interior designer, be a mom, be a wife, coordinate weddings, put up a small cafe, hang out with this person I’ve been wanting to hang out with, get drunk with my friends, lift weights with dudes, be vegetarian sometimes, be someone’s go-to person.


Eternal tea time of the soul


Inevitable early morning wake up on a Saturday


When your only friends are the ones you watch on a Friday night. It’s all good from this side of the world.