Monthly Archives: September 2014


I’ve never felt so happy and alone at the same time. Thank you, solitude.


3:15 to 5:13

The scenario was similar to David and Goliath. The only thing different was that David did not win.

And so, David gained wisdom.


I needed a conversation more than that reply.

Somebody take me away forever.


The sun is setting again. Take me away.


I am at the point of my life that if a bus hits me, I’d be grateful for it. So, here’s to the big yellow bus that will hit me tomorrow.


I laid all my high school feels to rest. Thank you, Anberlin.

This is our last good night
This is where love ends



I have always been thankful for the blessings but it’s always a challenge to be thankful for the sufferings.

Ginusto ko ito.


I do get busy planning my whole life that I forget to plan my weekends. I need to get out of my camp more often.

One more thing: Being alone doesn’t bother me too much anymore. This is very good.