Monthly Archives: May 2014


“We all start as strangers, but we often forget we get to choose who ends up a stranger too.”


What I want to be

I want to be one of those few people who, instead of worrying and complaining, smiles when she sees rain.

Here’s to positivity.

Weird world

I’ve been letting people in my world. This is okay, I guess.

Nice to know

It’s nice to know though that the person I am praying for actually exists. Thank you so much, Lord, for the assurance. Here’s to Your perfect timing.

Monday Morning

That alone was enough to get me through the day. Ah, life, you are one big surprise!

I woke up today

…with this feeling that everthing’s going to be great. Trusting everything to God in His perfect time.

Ah, what a beautiful morning.

From what I’ve learned today

The closure you didn’t get is your closure. Happy thoughts.

Sunday solitude

Know when to fight and know when to walk away. And when you walk away, keep walking.

Protected: April 17, 2014

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I challenged my sister to come up with a wedding playlist. I started drafting mine, you know, just in case.