Once in a while

Sometimes it is good to have problems because they make you feel alive the most. Sometimes, being too happy with life is scary. You are not sure when the wheels will start turning. Life has taught me so much these past three months –life pushed me to my limits. I was stripped off of the things that I want most in life. At the same time, I distanced myself from the things that I needed in life. I was at my lowest. I was miserable. I was making wrong decisions after another. It was sad knowing that I can only pinpoint one day that I was truly happy.

Often, I ask myself what am I doing with life. What am I doing with my life? I hope you could help me find answers. I know what I want but if it’s not God’s will, then let Him have it his way. I just need the consolation that what I’m doing and feeling is okay –that everything that I am going through is normal and is part of the process. They say good things come to an end so do the bad things, right?

I just need the reassurance. It’s okay, V. You are okay.


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