Protected: All Great Things Happen In Tiny Steps

Thoughts at 2:50 in the morning

Thought Catalog

Every article you read and source of advice you seek all seem to be pointing toward one thing: change your life. I know I’ve preached this a dozen times over, but something really important that everyone is forgetting to mention is that change will not happen in one swift movement from a day to the next. Change happens in the smallest ways. Baby steps.

We want to be healthy, in happy relationships, pursuing dream careers, etc. But all the advice in the world won’t help if you still feel stuck. If you are depressed or miserable or seeking advice, the smallest change is what will do the trick. And you’ll probably be shocked at what follows. If you want to start working out, walking outside for 10 minutes this afternoon is where you start. When things are too daunting, you won’t do them. If you want to eat better, today…

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