22 Things To Do When You're Heartbroken

This reblog is necessary.

Thought Catalog

1. Think about your favorite memory from when you were a kid, and ask someone else who knew you at that time — whether family or friends — to tell you about what you were like when you were little.

2. Make yourself a hot chocolate with special flavors and spices, like white chocolate raspberry or milk chocolate cinnamon.

3. Write an actual list of all your favorite things about your everyday life, from the neighborhood your apartment it is in to the dogs people leave tied up outside your favorite coffee shop that you can pet if their owners say it’s okay.

4. Put on a YouTube video of yoga for beginners and give it a try. If nothing else, enjoy being calm and just focusing on breathing and stretching for a few minutes.

5. Get yourself all dressed up and styled nicely to go on a basic errand…

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